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Server News
Bonus for new Players

From now on new players is getting 3 days of premium 


We would like to remind that to connect to our server you need to register Master account and then game account. In case of possible ddos attack on website we recommend to register as soon as possible.


Have  big clan or CP? we can offer you money to join our server

We are preparing our project. We are getting closer to server start..

Our Goal is to make easy and balanced server.

We bring some new features to improve the gameplay experience. 

For Example:

We increased buff time to 8 hours so you people who have work could easily Autohunt for 8 hours.

We totally changed Imperial Tomb drop. Now you can get S-grade recipes,parts, materials,enchants from drop and spoil.

There is more possibilities to get Cloth Piece from Letters event, TvT, Deathmatch.


Download FILES
To play on our project, you need to Register and download the server files
Download Client Lineage 2 Secret of Empire (L2-IT) - 9.9 Gb
Download Client Lineage 2 Secret of Empire (Torrent) - 9.9Gb
Patch (google drive) - 100 MB
Patch (filemail)